Lekwungen Then & Now

January 1, 1999

LekwungenIn this booklet you will have the opportunity to discover something of the richness of the culture, the strength of the connection with the earth and the ancestors, and the importance of strong Elders in helping bridge these worlds. They are the most visible connection with the traditions and gifts of the creator and the ancestors. Old people have consistently asked their families to 'Make their Minds Strong'. The youth belong to a very large Coast Salish family whose gifts are found in the Shaker Church and the Winterdance complex.

We hope in reading these pages and in entering the world of the youth of Lekwungen, that you will enjoy the richness of their world and perhaps share with us the joy of moving our collective society a stage further in understanding the meaning of human rights.

An understanding that stems from the reflection of what it is to be human in our creative diversity. The combination of traditional strengths and the application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child has allowed the great Thunderbird to reinforce the process of change, transformation and strength. This booklet is meant to honour the old people, the young, and collaboration. Click here to read the full booklet.