We Provide a Variety of

Programs & Services For Our Community

The programs that we offer are targeted at all gender and age groups. Please see our list below for information, dates, times and instructor names. If you have any questions please contact us here.


  • Daycare Program
  • Songhees Preschool
  • Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • Kwum Kwum Lelum
  • Post-Secondary
  • Youth Programs
  • Employment Training
  • Recreation Programs


  • Community Health & Wellness
  • Social Development
  • Lands Management
  • Property Taxation
  • Bylaw Enforcement
  • Housing
  • Public and Capitol Works

Daycare Program

To support families with caregivers working or attending school, Songhees Daycare offers full daycare services from 8 am to 5pm. This year, 15 children were registered in the program. The Daycare is funded by AANDC and Provincial subsidy payments from the Ministry for Children and Families.

Songhees Preschool

Songhees Preschool offers a safe and supportive environment for children to begin their educational journey. The curriculum in the preschool is designed to prepare the children for entry into public school as well as grounding them with community and family support for their education. There were 8 children in the half day preschool program.

Kindergarten to Grade 12

Under Songhees Nation’s Local Education Agreement, AANDC funding provides public and private school tuition payments to the school districts and private schools. In 2013 there were 134 students enrolled in public school and 11 in private school. AANDC education funding provides financial support for books, school supplies, student allowance, student fees, bus passes and graduation allowance. The Greater Victoria School District provides funding to employ a Student Liaison and Student Facilitators at Craigflower Elementary, Shoreline Middle School and Esquimalt High. Student Facilitators offer tutoring and mentoring to students. Congratulations to this year’s grade 12 graduates!

Kwum Kwum Lelum

Date: Monday – Thursday | Time: After School – 5pm | Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

The afterschool homework club provides assistance to elementary and middle school students Mondays to Thursdays from 3-5pm. University of Victoria students volunteer as tutors for the program. Kwum Kwum Lelum is very popular with students and is having a positive impact on academic success for Songhees Nation.


AANDC provides funding for tuition, books, supplies and living allowance for eligible students. In 2013 there were 10 full-time students funded. We celebrated 3 Graduates this year.

Youth Programs

Songhees Youth programs strive to provide equal opportunities to engage in academic, social and recreational activities for youth of the Songhees Community. This year a United Way Grant provided generous sponsorship for an amazing Science & Literacy camp.

Employment Training

The Songhees Employment and Learning Centre (SELC) is funded through the Coast Salish Employment and Training Society (CSETS). The program offered training in workplace certificates, upgrading in Math and English, “Ready to Rent” program, and Building Service Worker training this year. The Job Readiness program, in collaboration with IMTARC provided training in work readiness, offering guest employer speakers, field trips to local work places (shipyard, graving dock, Ralmax, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority) and workshops on driver license training, resumes, cover letters and interview skills. 6 out of 15 participants went on to full-time employment.

Recreation Programs

Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

In the summer of 2013, Maplebank Canoe Races were held for the first time in 20 years. 2013 also saw the 1st annual Songhees Health Challenge. Community members participated in Saturday Swim Nights and Drop in Sports at the Songhees Wellness Centre. Members have been exercising in the new Fitness Studio at the Wellness Centre.

Community Health & Wellness

Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

The goal of the Songhees Health and Social Services division is to provide a safe and welcoming environment, encouraging participation in programs intended to improve the well-being of the Songhees Community.

Wellness programs include primary health clinics, pre and post natal care, vaccination clinics, injury prevention training, chronic disease prevention and management, oral health, and facilitated fitness and recreation programs.

Primary health clinics held this year include chiropractic care, foot care and massage clinics. A Wellness fair served 120 participants. 80 Youth were involved with Youth Pro D days and Summer camps.

Family wellness events included community meals, pumpkin carving, back to school carnival, mothers and fathers day bbqs, and Elders Easter Dinner, cultural nights for sharing skills in arts and crafts and food preservation.

Social Development

Income assistance clients have had opportunities to participate in first aid, food safe and basic security training this year. Income assistance clients have also been included in the Songhees Labor Pool. In partnership with Imtarc, GVHA and Wilson Transportation, Songhees hosted a summer employment project to increase work experience, and work place readiness. Health and Education Staff work collaboratively to provide holistic programs and services, adapting to the evolving needs of the Songhees Community.

Lands Management

Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

Songhees Nation exercises jurisdiction over disposition and use of Songhees Reserve Lands under the authority of the First Nations Lands Management Act. With the implementation of the Songhees Land Code in 2011, Indian Act provisions relating to land management no longer apply. Songhees First Nation Land Code Laws include:

• Matrimonial Real Property Law, 2012 addresses the division of assets if a marriage breaks down
• Community Input Procedures Law, 2012 addresses the requirements when a community vote is
required to adopt a land law.
• Lands Instrument Law, 2012 covers procedures for registering land interests in the First Nations Land Registry System
• Interest and Consent Requirements Law, 2014 outlines the requirements of a lease, permit, license or easement before the Council may give consent to non-members seeking access to the Nation’s Lands

In addition to law development, the Lands department handled 25 external land referrals, 32 land transfer files (FNLRS issues) 339 BC One Call reports with 15 requiring follow up and 2 Rezoning requests.

Property Taxation

Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

Under the provisions of the First Nations Fiscal Management Act the nation has the authority to collect property tax from taxable interests on Songhees Reserve Lands. We have 662 taxable interests, 653 Residential units (mobile homes, manufactured homes and strata townhomes) 5 Utilities and 6 Businesses. Property Taxes (local revenue) totaled 1,052,000 in 2013.

Bylaw Enforcement

Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

Songhees has nine bylaws under the Indian Act including Traffic and Parking and Animal Control. In 2013, Chatham Island trespass enforcement was a priority. Under the Causeway First Nations Artists Program there were 36 Aboriginal Trading Permits. Under the Animal Control Bylaw 44 Dog Licenses were issued. The Bylaw department works on Emergency Response Planning and liaisons with emergency services.


Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

There are approximately 90 community member homes on New Songhees IR 1A including 38 homes owned by Songhees Nation under the Canada Mortgage and Housing Program and rented to Songhees members. Five Members have completed their CMHC mortgages and own their homes fully. The Songhees Housing Policy is intended to guide management of the Housing Program for the benefit of the membership.

Public and Capital Works

Location: Songhees Nation Wellness Centre

Local Government Services also includes public works, infrastructure and capital projects. This Includes sewer, water, roads and buildings. Capital Works this year included Cooper Road Paving and the Songhees Wellness Centre project.

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