Songhees Wellness Centre

Anjasten Gift Gallery

The Anjasten Gift Gallery at the Songhees Wellness Centre is a purpose built gallery complete with state of the art, lighting and humidity control. The room was designed with a goal to host artifacts on loan from various museums and archives from around the world. This was evident when the Anjasten Gift Gallery was host to the original Douglas Treaty for the Songhees Nation during a UNESCO event in 2014 at the Songhees Wellness Centre, the first time the original 150+ document has ever been shown outside the BC Archives.

The “gallery@centre”ït  as is known to the artists has a fair trade policy that supports First Nation artists by direct purchase of art from the artists and we do not take consignment sales. We create business relationships with the artists and encourage them to register their art with, to protect and maintain control over their artwork and to ensure that its sale benefits them as artists, as well as their respective communities.

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