The Songhees

First Nation

The Songhees First Nation has approximately 630 members, of whom 400 live on the 60 hectare Songhees Reserve #1A.

Located adjacent to the Township of Esquimalt and the Town of View Royal. The community is comprised of five main families and several smaller families. Administration and Governance is under the authority of an elected Chief and Council.

Economic Development

Songhees implementation of the First Nations Fiscal Management Act and the First Nations Lands Management Act is intended to improve our investment climate, create economic opportunities for our members, attract quality development and encourage business partnerships.

Songhees historical photo

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Chief and Council share their responsibility to govern the Nation equally. Any Council decision requires the approval of a quorum of four (4) Council Members. Elections are held every two years. As evidenced by election results since 1957, Songhees has exceptionally stable leadership.

Songhees Totem

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Songhees Testimonials

“I thank the Songhees Nation for the opportunity to be part of a wonderful new undertaking and new chapter in their history.”

Nancy Angermeyer

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Songhees Nation. They were all overly generous and have made this opportunity beyond memorable.”

Lindsay Harrington

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